Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Eat your heart out Hallmark...

This year I am making my Christmas cards, and some for my Mom to send too. I finished hers and I am almost finished with mine. I think I have about 15 more to make for my family to send. I love making cards, and there are soooo many great products out there now that I couldn't resist. Here is an idea of what I have been up to.

This is one of the designs I made for my Mom. She has a Himalayan kitty named Sissy Sue and my Mom is a knitter (AMONG ABOUT 1,000 OTHER THINGS)so when I saw this rubber stamp I knew it would make the perfect card.

This is a matchbook style note pad I made with a paint sample strip you can get at Home Depot. I'm giving these to kiddos in my family and friends so they can make their Christmas wish lists. We love sock monkeys in my family so this was another must have stamp set!

I still have one more project to show you, but I have to put the finishing touches on them and take photos. Hopefully tomorrow, it's a CRAZY week =0

Friday, November 14, 2008

Glittery Glamour

This is the last item for the ornament swap. Yes, I know it is not an ornament, but the swap called for 3 ornaments and another handmade item. I could not find any retro pin-up girl fabric anywhere, but I did find some pink glittery fabric with retro dresses and glamorous words printed on it. I used a vintage button in the yoyo flower.

I hope she'll like it. I have another post for tomorrow with my favorite recent project that I am so in love with!! I wanted to post that today but I didn't have any pictures.
Speaking of pictures, I need to start developing some of my pictures. I have 425 pictures on my camera right now and whenever I want to take pictures I have to delete some to make room. How awful is that??? I saw a commercial the other day that had a bunch of people doing random activities all standing together waiting to see who would be deleted. That is my camera. How much would it cost me to develop 425 pictures? Too much I'm afraid...

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I know I said that I wasn't going to give specifics about my projects, but these are for an ornament swap I am doing. I think I'm safe to say that because I don't think my partner visits this blog. *Fingers Crossed* She is a fan of retro pin-up girls and that is the theme of her tree. She also has a turquoise and pink color scheme so I hope these will be perfect!

I have been buried in magnets and buttons and rhinestones...But more on that tomorrow =)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hello there Kitty!

I am still working away at Christmas projects, but it was a busy/fun weekend with company and football games and birthday parties so I wasn't able to get as much done as I had hoped. And now I am coming down with a cold AGAIN, so not too much hope for this week either. But, I will do my best.

Here are some ornaments I made with Hello Kitty flannel fabric. I really had no plan when I started but I like the final result.

Have a great week! XOXO

Monday, November 3, 2008

Cake Face =)

Well, actually a cupcake pincushion. Now I can't say who or what this is for, but it is a gift....

Super easy and super cute, her little whipped cream hat is actually a yoyo---can't say enough about yoyos!!! Love them so....xoxo
I put pellets in the bottom so it is nice and weighted and won't fall over.
This was a free pattern on the web from Fantastic Toys so thanks so much to them!