Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Teacher Totes Yay for Summer!!

Tomorrow is the last day of school for my son. YiPpEe!! He has been in school since August 16th...moving from Florida to Virginia in the middle of the school year will do that to you. So I guess you could say he has been over educated this year!

I made his teachers each a big tote/beach bag using the Lands End type bags as my inspiration. I have always wanted one of those bags with my initials embroidered on it. Someday....

Anyway here they are:

I can't even really say how long it took me because I made 4 more bags for my family, so 9 total...seems like it took weeks! hahaha

A fun diversion was making the tags to go with each bag, love paper crafting!!

So tomorrow we will deliver the bags and get ready for summer, hallelujah!!