Friday, May 22, 2009

EtSy FriDaY FUN!

Happy Friday! I had a message this morning that my Chocochippies on Etsy were added to the HANDMADE J.U.N.K.F.O.O.D. Treasury on Etsy.

You can take a look at all the goodies chosen for the Treasury HERE. There are some really cute things on this Treasury, I really like that donut ring!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Fabric Folios!

Remember the fabric folios I made for Teacher Appreciation? Well....the teachers REALLY liked them and I was asked to make 8 more!

I made them all different so each teacher could have the one that most suited her tastes. I really like making these, and sure hope they love them and find them useful.
The school year is winding down, YAY!! I think I want summer to be here as much as my son does. They sent a note home today saying this would be the last week of homework for the year. What a relief! HAHAHAHA
Anyone have any good ideas for a craft project I can do with 2nd graders at the end of the year party? I have one idea but need another.....HELP!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yikes...where have I been?

Okay I guess this should be an update post...
Teacher week ended on Friday, but I did give 2 more gifts that I neglected to post.
Day #4:
A Cupcake fabric bucket filled with dry erase markers. Dry erase markers are always needed by our teachers and I thought she could use the bucket to hold them, or to hold whatever she wishes!

Day #5:
Then for Friday, I made her some Georgia Bulldog pillowcases.

I found this cute pink Georgia fabric, and knew she had to have it because she is such a huge Georgia fan. I wasn't sure if I should make a bag with it, because it is so baby pink. I was asking aloud what to make....and my hubby answered very matter of fact.."pillowcases". He's so smart! I must be rubbing off on him HAHAHA

These pillowcases make such great gifts, my Mom got me hooked on them a couple of years ago. I found a good tutorial for you all if you'd like to give them a try. You can find it HERE

And last but definitely not least...I received my stuffie from the Craftster Swap. This totally adorable owl. I love the fact it's so colorful and I love all the details she added!

Owls are a fave of mine, and I love all the owly variety out there in the crafty world...every owl I see out there is so different from the next!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fabric Folios and a Pink Wig

Teacher Week Day #3
I had purchased a Tutorial off Etsy a little while back on how to make patchwork portfolios and had been wanting to give them a try...finally got to do it for the teachers, and had fun making them! Mine aren't the same size as the tut says they will be...I may not have printed the pattern pieces correctly, oops. Anyhoo, they are really easy and quick and turn out super cute!

On the inside I added a notepad, pen and gift certificate to Artsy Abode, one of my fave little boutiques for Brighton and Pandora goodies.

Once I finished the teachers' folios, I quickly made myself one with this adorable skully fabric, you can sort of tell in the pic, but the fabric is glittery too!

With all my required gift sewing done for the week, I am sitting relaxing in the a.c. (It's 93 outside!!) making alterations to a candy pink Blythe of my Pullips is getting a makeover. I didn't think about her head being so much smaller than Blythe...luckily it's an easy alteration. More pics to follow on that subject.
Off to football practice later...ugh

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Teacher Week day #2....
My son and I planted a cute pink plant in a pot we hand painted to look like a cupcake paper liner and then added a little cherry on top.

The cherry is made by adding a wood bead to the end of a wood dowel. I made a cupcake tag just to give a little hint it's supposed to be a "cupcake" =) then my son wrote a cute note on the back of the tag.

I got this idea from Nikki at Whimsy Love. She used way bigger cherry beads, which I like better...but I was trying to be a good girl and use up beads I had on hand. Next time, I will use the bigger beads too! =)

When we took it to school this morning, all the kids said, "Hey there's a cherry on top!" Made me smile.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Garden Beauty and Teacher Week!

Well my favorite flower is blooming beautifully in my yard....HYDRANGEAS! =) I love 'em!

I'm not the only one that appreciates their beauty, check this little guy out:

If I was a lizard, I think I'd lounge on hydrangeas too!
And if I had money to burn...I'd buy myself this Dooney & Bourke Hydrangea tote...GORGEOUS!!! Oh well...a girl can dream.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at my son's school, which is fun for me because I get to make lots of cutesy things for my son's teachers. I figured chocolate is always useful on a Monday, so we got jumbo Hershey bars and I wrapped them in beautiful scrapbook papers and decorated them with pretty flowers and cut little tags.

My son wrote a little note on the back too. Tomorrow's gift is a come back and have a peek!