Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shrinky Dink'd

I finsihed all my items for the One Tiny Thing (OTT) Shrinky Dink (SD)swap. I also did a personal Blythe OTT SD swap with my swap partner. We both collect Blythe dolls and thought it would be fun to make some things for our dolls!

For my swap partner, I made her a Blythe pendant with a crystal dangle, a pearl dangle and a star charm dangle. It is on a 22 inch link silver chain. I LOVE it and of course had to make myself one, but I have different charms on mine.

Then for her Blythe dolls I made 2 hair pins with bows and little Blythe faces, a Blythe pendant necklace, a pair of cupcake earrings with colored micro bead sprinkles in the frosting, a pair of pineapple earrings and a SD and felt barrette.

I had sooo much fun making these OTT's. As a little extra I made her a journal with a Blythe on the front cover that I coated with clear glass micro beads and it looks so cool, love it. Hope she loves everything too!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Chunkiness!

This is my latest chunky page which is on it's way to the UK. My mom gave me a whole bag of dollhouse windows, and I just had to use a couple on my pages. I love the color on this one, and the cute little Blythe peaking out the window. :-D

My chunky page book is gettin' CHUNKY! Love it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Meet Ursula...

Ursula is my newest creation. She is made with one sock from the dollar store, so technically she's a $.50 elephant! Hey that rhymes :-D I have entered her in the 2008 Softie Awards on Flickr. You can visit all the softies here: .
She is just shy of 9 inches tall and has beautiful blue eyes. She loves to walk her Scottie dog. I made sure I could make her out of only one sock, because I wanted to use the other sock to make her a boyfriend. That has yet to happen, but it is on the ever growing "to do list". What would be a good male elephant name??
There are TONS of entries in the Softie Awards, but who knows, maybe the judges will love Ursula as much as I do. :-) XOXO

Thursday, April 17, 2008

How Charming are Your Scissors?

I started making these for friends, since we tend to all have the same scissors and can't tell them apart when we get together to scrap or craft. Each has a charm, initial letter beads, and colored beads.
Then, I was commissioned to make some for a scrap booking retreat as part of the goodie bag each person will receive. I made 32 scissor charms! I think I will add these scissor charms to my Etsy store, and take custom orders. What do ya think?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yikes! Where have I been???

Sorry for being MIA, but I have been sewing and crafting I promise! I volunteered to be an angel in the Make Me a Journal Swap for someone who got flaked on by their partner. I actually made the journal, hand sewn/bound based upon a tutorial I had seen on the Internet. (No longer there) I had never done that before and it turned out just fine.

The craftster I made the journal for, Kristen Corley, is a photographer and she took some awesome pics of the swap package I sent. She let me use her photos as they are WAAAAY better than mine! :-D
I am also planning to finish my entry for the Softie Awards tomorrow. My softie is done, but she needs some fabulous clothes of course. I have to post her by Friday on Flickr. I am really pleased with her, here is a hint, her name is Ursula. I'll post pics tomorrow when I am all finished.
Once my fun projects are done, I have 2 bag orders, and a ribbon organizer order and another bag I am making for my son's teacher as a gift. I need to get moving!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Pictures and New Name...

Okay, I did all the finishing touches on my dolly, and once I put the flowers in her hair, she told me she had to be named Daisy, not Violet! So she is now known as Daisy. :-D I love her mary janes. She got some great shots taken of her today here at Disney World.
I'm getting ready to post her now on craftster, but the competition is stiff, so my chances might be slim. But, I can say I love this dolly and it was soooo fun to make her.