Monday, September 29, 2008

Okay my Creepies are all done!!

Well, all my creepy girls are officially done now and are being sent out today to their new Mommies. Hopefully they will all be pleased and not be too creeped out by my work. I must say that I will miss them but I took pictures to keep. Wouldn't that be a great scrapbook for future generations to come across??? They would certainly begin to wonder and want to hear stories about crazy Greatgreatgreat Aunt Carrie. LOL
So here is The Black Widow:

And last but definitely not least The Wicked Witch:

I made a card to send with each of them

and inside is a great quote I saw in one of my magazines. "Where there is no imagination there is no horror." -Sir Arthur Canon Doyle. That is a great quote because for me, making these dolls was a great adventure for my imagination. =)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's a Hoot!

This is my new fall t-shirt, yay! And I'll tell ya how I did it:

First I found this adorable owl Halloween t-shirt at Target for $5. What caught my eye was the yummy chocolate color and the fact it had a lovely owl on the front. His feathers say Trick or Treat which is cute, but then I could only wear it for Halloween, so I needed to find a way to hide that.

Enter yoyos in beautiful falls colors. I used a 3 inch circle to make my pattern and cut out 11.

The yoyo for this shirt is a finished yoyo, where the top edge is folded under before sewing. You use as gathering stitch and sew all the way around the circle. Oh yeah end of thread is knotted. Once around pull your thread to gather it up and knot it off. If you need more info on sewing yoyos visit HERE

Once gathered I knotted the thread on the back of the yoyo.

Next, I decided where to place each yoyo, and started sewing them on at the bottom row. I sewed on the 2 outside yoyos and filled in the centers. Then I moved up to the next row, and then the top row.

The best way to sew on yoyos is to use little stitches in the creases that way they aren't visible. I made little stitches all the way around each yoyo so that with wear and laundering they won't pull away from t-shirt and reveal the text below.

This is what the back side looks like. You can see I stitched around the perimeter and I knotted on the back.

Then of course, some lovely button eyes. They are not an exact match but that is okay, adds to the whimsy right??

And voila! You are done HOO-La-La!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Break from the Creepy, YAY! Cute

If you are my swap partner for the Black Apple Doll Swap on Craftster, LOOK AWAY NOW! =0 Okay, I guess that was fair warning. I have yet to finish all my creepy dolls, the last 2 are almost there, but I need a cute break.

I signed up for this swap because I have been wanting to make a doll with the pattern created by an artist named Emily Martin who was featured on Martha Stewart. You can find the pattern HERE
I would recommend this pattern to anyone new to doll making, it is a very easy pattern to put together and I think you'll be pleased with your results. If you are an experienced doll maker, you could always add accessories or clothing, paint a detailed face, etc to increase the challenge.

My swap partner wanted a Christmas themed doll and enjoys cooking/baking so I had the perfect Christmas cookie fabric to use. I also made her a candy cane apron and a star cookie to hold. I am pleased with how she turned out, hopefully she'll be pleased too.

I am pleased with how she turned out, hopefully she'll be pleased too. I requested a Halloween themed doll, can't wait to see what I get! The mail deadline isn't for several weeks tho-... must be patient.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

More Creepiness!

Okay, maybe I should say More Scariness! I didn't really know I had this in me, but I like to make scary dolls. I think it's all the horror movies I've watched over the years. =) Here is Creepy Doll #2 "Revenge of the Prom Queen"

And Creepy Doll #3 Psycho Cheerleader

The other 2 creepies are almost done, I hope to finish Monday and get them sent to my swap partners. Hope the aren't too creeped out. LOL
Never fear, I haven't crossed to the dark side....I am working on a new doll design, rag doll type. I finished one prototype, and I like her, but she is not quite what I want. I will post a pic once I sew the last button on.
And I just got my swap partner for the Black Apple Doll swap on Craftster, cannot wait to work on this doll. My partner wants a Christmas themed doll, YAY!!! I love Christmas!!! And I know exactly what I plan to do. She will be adorable, I just need to decide if I will paint or embroider her face. I think after all this creepy doll face painting I should paint a sweet face. =)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quiz Wednesday!

I am definitely obsessed with handbags, but I can say that I make most of my bags rather than buy them retail. But I'd take a Brighton bag over 10 of mine any day!!!
In fact I have been dreaming about a new Brighton bag lately and just found out a boutique up the road is now carry it, curses! So today's quiz is about the beloved handbag, these are my results:

What Your Handbag Says About You

You tend to be relaxed throughout the day. You are naturally at peace.

You are a high maintenance person. You feel lost outside of your normal environment.

You are a very creative person. Your life tends to be a whirlwind, but you always seem to pull it together.

You are an outgoing and expressive person. You always speak your mind, and you're very approachable.

You are a very unique and special person. There's no one else who is anything like you.

Give it a try and comment on your results =)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beware! Creepiness ahead!

After my last post about cute, sweet Fiona this post is a major about face. I have completed my first doll for the Craftster Creepy Doll Swap. This one is titled "White Wedding" and basically she is a zombie bride. Poor girl.

I think she turned out great. She started as a doll head on a wire and was very perky with pretty long brunette hair....and then I got a hold of her. I sewed a body and added the forearms that came with the head, weird. She doesn't have legs just a ghost like dress. She is only about 5 inches tall so she's mini creepy. I have completed all the heads for this series of dolls, 5 total, all very different but very creepy. I have been surprised at how easily it is for me to make these kind of dolls. I think of myself as more of a pink sugar cupcake kinda girl, I guess I have a dark side.....oooooooh....spooooky...

Friday, September 12, 2008


New green eyes for Fiona.

Bye bye orange eye chips, you have been altered. =)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quiz Wednesday!

We love to play the American Idol Game on our Wii so I thought this would be a good quiz to find my "perfect song". I do like this song, considering I was a major roller skating princess in the 80's!! Give the quiz a try and let me know your results.

Your Karaoke Theme Song is "YMCA"

You're the type of person who can't have fun unless everyone else is right there with you having a blast.

You have an amazing knack for figuring out what people want, and you don't mind going the extra mile to make them happy.

The spotlight is something you enjoy on occasion, but you prefer that not all the attention is on you.

If you've gotten people to sing or dance along with you, then you're song is a success.

You might also sing: "Macarena," "Hot, Hot, Hot" or "Stayin' Alive"

Stay away from people who sing: "The Greatest Love of All"

Monday, September 8, 2008

Dolly Day!!

I know I am a little old to be playing with dolls, but it's SOOOO FUN!! I got really brave today and did a lip redo on my Ashlette Blythe Fiona. I actually even carved Fiona's lips a little and then did a repaint and gloss!! I love the end result and am so relieved I didn't screw it up. Here is the result:

She actually looks like she is smiling a little now, and the lip color is so much better than her stock rose color, yuck. I did learn that the more color blending you do the better, and using an extremely small brush helps of course. Here is how her lips used to look:

Okay, now on to the creepy stuff. I am doing the Creepy Doll Swap on Craftster and have to make 5 creepy dolls. I decided to do some dolly recon for my projects. I bought some cute little dolly heads and arms and plan to creep them out and then sew them some soft little bodies and make clothes etc...I did my first doll head today. Here is a before and after:

I plan to give her ratty hair and tattered clothes etc. What do you think?? Does she look creepy enough?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday Quiz Time

I love to visit blogthings and take all their random quizzes, so I decided once a week I will post my latest quiz and results. Since Labor Day has passed and we are moving into fall (although I live in FL & there isn't much fall here yet) I would do the "What Type of Fall are You?"quiz.

You Are Apple Cider

Smooth and comforting. But downright nasty when cold.

Give the quiz a try and leave me a comment about what type of fall you are!