Thursday, November 17, 2011

Breaking Dawn Fever!! Literally >:(

Well, as any Twilight fan can tell you, tonight is the premiere of Breaking Dawn 1. I am a Twilight fan, and not only because of the books, and the movies...but also for the CRAFTING!!
I was supposed to board a plane yesterday bound for my old stomping grounds in Florida for a Breaking Dawn Extravaganza with 15 other great girls. But instead I am stuck here at home with bronchial pneumonia. Major BUMMER!!!
The best part of this Extravaganza was that each gal was making a Twilight themed craft for everyone. My task was to make charm bracelets, similar to Bella's with a wolf charm and a crystal heart charm. I had already finished all the bracelets before getting sick, so I mailed them to FL, and hopefully they will arrive in time!

I also added an acrylic charm made with either the Breaking dawn cover image or a picture of Edward, Bella and Jacob. I used Tim Holtz acrylic Fragments and Glossy Accents to make them.

I also made special pendant necklaces for me and my bestie:


I made little purse boxes with paper rolled roses for each bracelet:

Well, at least my bracelets will make the premier party, even if I don't.

I'd invite you to my pity party, but I'm probably contagious! LOL >:(