Sunday, July 13, 2008

4 Ever Best Friends

I collect dolls, and was lucky enough to find these girls at a thrift store in the Outer Banks while vacationing. Despite the wild bent hair they were in pretty good shape, but I didn't know what type of doll they were. After some searching I found that they are known as 4 Ever Best Friends and they were made in 2004 by the same company that makes Bratz. Here is the before pic:

And after they got some much needed pampering:

I think they are sooo cute. They are not easy to find, they are randomly on ebay but the prices are A LOT higher than what I paid at the thrift store. LOL I know they are not valuable but I think they are very sweet. :-)


  1. I remember those dolls! Taylor might have had a set...? You did a great job cleaning them up!

  2. Wow!!! Talk about a makeover. These girls are darling. I saw them at the thrift shop, knowing they were the right size and had hair, but didn't imagine how sweet they were......a diamond in the rough!!
    Sweetie xoxoxoxo

  3. Oh, how cute. I used to work at ToysRus years ago and I saw these dolls there all the time. I always wanted to buy them, but since I didn't have little girls, I couldn't justify a reason for buying them for myself. Now I wish I had since they're so hard to find.

  4. A few months ago I found a doll at Goodwill Bargain Bin and on impulse got her, even though I mostly collect old dolls. Last week I decided to find out who she is but had no luck looking on line. So I emailed MGA and in less than 24 hours found out she is Dianthe. She was in perfect shape, although stark naked. She is dressed and happy now and I've named her Jade.

  5. I just found four of these dolls in a bag of Bratz items I bought at a garage sale yesterday for $10.00. When I saw them I didn't think they were Bratz and was kind of disappointed and wondered why they were in the bag. Then they started to grow on me and so I searched the web and found out they were Bratz dolls! Now I'm glad they were in the bag as I think they are really cute and they remind me of my Mattel Wee 3 Friends dolls which I collect when I can find them!

    Yours cleaned up so nicely and are so pretty!
    Was their hair hard to fix up?
    The Barbie dress really looks nice on your blond doll!

    1. Thanks Cindy! The best way I have found to handle crazy doll hair is with watered down conditioner. I wet the doll's hair and apply a small amount of thinned conditioner. I leave it on for about 20 min. Then rinse. Then gently comb the hair into the desired style and let air dry. Sometimes you may have to comb a few more times as it dries. Hope it works they are great dolls!

  6. Thanks so much for your doll hair tips Carrie!

  7. Forgot to tell you I posted a before photo of mine on my blog if you want to see them before I clean and fix their hair.


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