Saturday, December 29, 2007

Get busy girl!!

Okay, here are the fabrics for all the projects I need to complete this week. Should be interesting because my son will still be at home on winter break. I think the Wii will come in handy.
I'll start the description clockwise from the top. The pink assorted fabrics and t-shirt are for a Crafster swap, "Transform a T-shirt". The next fabrics are for a sleeping bag for another Craftster swap "Pullip Winter swap". The next pile is for the same swap, Pullip clothing and a cape, that's red velvet which will make a lovely cape! Then at the bottom of the picture is fabric to make me a new purse, since I am still carrying my Rudolph bag...The two floral quilted fabrics and linings are for 2 purse orders, very Vera Bradley-ish. I will blog pictures as I finish them. I haven't sewn for several days and I'm ready to get busy!!

P.S. Bella the Blanche is settling in very nicely! :-)

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