Friday, December 21, 2007

Oh Christmas trees.....

Well, I have been busy the past few days, Christmas party at school, Bunco party, crafting etc. I did get my vintage tree put up in my dining room, it is my favorite tree, no doubt. All vintage ornaments and framed pictures of my family who have passed on. I love the pictures the best. Whenever I put it up it's smiles and tears combined every time. Once it was done, I left the room only to return to see my real snow kitty getting comfortable underneath. She's such a smart girl...

Then in the kitchen I have a sweets tree, and atop the tree is a baker angel, and she even kinda looks like me!! I found her in the clearance rack at TJMaxx last year. She has wire whisks for wings! TOO cute. I have even better sweets ornaments this year thanks to my Mommie, who I think bought out Target and the Martha stuff at Kmart. Go Mommie!!!

I am presently working on another paper craft that I will show you later, and then tomorrow is fleece blanket day... I'm helping a friend do some blankets and I will sew one for her of fleece and flannel. We could only find Hannah Montana in flannel, yikes the Hannah Montana!!! She's coming here in Jan. so all the girls around here have gone cuckoo. This is when it's really nice to have a boy! :-)

Goodnight, breakfast with Santa at the club 8 am, we are sooo excited!!

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  1. If I knew you had a sweets tree, I would have made you some goodies for it! I'll keep that in mind for future swaps! :)

    In the mean time, look what I found:

    an ice cream cone ornament!


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