Friday, April 18, 2008

Meet Ursula...

Ursula is my newest creation. She is made with one sock from the dollar store, so technically she's a $.50 elephant! Hey that rhymes :-D I have entered her in the 2008 Softie Awards on Flickr. You can visit all the softies here: .
She is just shy of 9 inches tall and has beautiful blue eyes. She loves to walk her Scottie dog. I made sure I could make her out of only one sock, because I wanted to use the other sock to make her a boyfriend. That has yet to happen, but it is on the ever growing "to do list". What would be a good male elephant name??
There are TONS of entries in the Softie Awards, but who knows, maybe the judges will love Ursula as much as I do. :-) XOXO


  1. Urkle. Now that's a great name for a male elephane :)

  2. Urkle and Ursula....Oooh that's good! Thanks for the name I love it :-)


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