Friday, November 14, 2008

Glittery Glamour

This is the last item for the ornament swap. Yes, I know it is not an ornament, but the swap called for 3 ornaments and another handmade item. I could not find any retro pin-up girl fabric anywhere, but I did find some pink glittery fabric with retro dresses and glamorous words printed on it. I used a vintage button in the yoyo flower.

I hope she'll like it. I have another post for tomorrow with my favorite recent project that I am so in love with!! I wanted to post that today but I didn't have any pictures.
Speaking of pictures, I need to start developing some of my pictures. I have 425 pictures on my camera right now and whenever I want to take pictures I have to delete some to make room. How awful is that??? I saw a commercial the other day that had a bunch of people doing random activities all standing together waiting to see who would be deleted. That is my camera. How much would it cost me to develop 425 pictures? Too much I'm afraid...

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  1. Love the purse!!
    I also love that commercial. That one guy says, "It's not me. I got deleted last time." and then he's gone.

    I have 4000 pictures on my computer that I haven't printed yet. I need to burn them to a disc incase my computer dies!


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