Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas Eye Candy :)

I am addicted to all the special Christmas edition magazines that start to appear this time of year. For me they are total eye candy, and I love to gaze at them and dream and get inspired!

I was just browsing at Target in the magazine aisle for some eye candy earlier this evening and came up empty But, I just happened to plop down with my laptop a little bit ago and stumbled across this little gem

Amy Powers who blogs at InspireCo just posted the holiday issue of her new ezine which is called Inspired Ideas. You can view the ezine HERE. It is FABULOUS and is just chalk full of holiday eye candy!!

I would recommend getting yourself a cup of tea, or maybe hot cocoa and giving yourself plenty of time to browse this little gem. I think you'll love what you see. I sure I just need a printed version of it too! ;)


  1. Oh, we are two peas in a pod.
    I love those magazines too!
    They are keepers!
    Now you have me wanting to go to Target instead of cleaning!

    BTW-great blog

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