Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Projects

I love crafting for Halloween! What crafter doesn't? It is probably the most fun time of year to craft for. I wasn't planning to decorate for Halloween this year because we are in a temporary rental home, but what can I say? I am weak and did anyway! It was great to unpack all the decor I have made and purchased over the years. Today My BFF and I got together for a Halloween crafternoon. We made altered canvases that I came up with as we went along. I think they turned out great!
When I was setting up my sewing room in the temp house, I realized I had a ton of Halloween fabrics I seem to be hanging on to for whatever reason...So, I decided to make 2 patchwork tablecloths one for the eat in kitchen area and one for the dining room. The one for the eat in area is made of all the colorful fabrics I had in my stash...and can I say it's pretty colorful!
The dining room tablecloth is almost done...maybe I can tackle it tomorrow??? Wish me luck!

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