Thursday, January 10, 2008

Paper crafting

I think I wrote about this prior to Christmas, but never posted it. I made 2 of these canvases for Christmas gifts this year. This is in no way my original idea, in fact it's a pretty common technique. But I really love the finished look, and I have always been a modpodge fan.

Just get yourself an artist's canvas and paint your base coat, whatever effects and colors you want. Allow it to dry. Then choose your pictures and mount them on decorative paper. Modpodge the matted photos on the canvas. Then put a nice even coat of modpodge all over canvas, I do crisscrossing brush strokes so when it dries it looks like an oil painting. If you want to add ribbon or fibers just stick them on while modpodge is still wet. Wait for canvas to dry. Add whatever embellishments and any lettering you want and your set. Super easy and fun, kids love to make these too! Canvases come in a variety of sizes, so even showcasing one photo can look beautiful. (This has a number of photos, as it is a 16x20 canvas.) Give it a try!

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