Friday, June 27, 2008

Cup Cake for a Queen!

This cup cake is actually cake size, well, small cake size. It's sitting on a cake stand. I saw it on the cover of the July issue of Family Circle Magazine my Mom had. At first I just thought it was a regular cupcake, and I thought why would they just put a single cup cake on the cover?? But then I noticed it was sitting on a cake stand. I think they had a special offer inside the magazine too/div>

It's a 2 piece Wilton cake pan and I had to have it!! I bought mine at Jo-Ann's and it's not cheap so I would recommend you use your coupon. Michael's may have it too, I forgot to look. Here is a link to the Wilton site so you can have a look:

It used one box cake mix but you have to trim both the top and bottom so they will sit nicely together. I put too much cake mix in the bottom portion and not enough in the top part, so next time I'll make that adjustment.
I think it looks really cute and the decoration possibilities are pretty endless. Yum Yum :-)


  1. Aargh, I love that pan! I've been wanting it for ages, but it isn't sold where I live... Did the cake taste good? :)

  2. The cake tasted great!! But I would advise to out a good amount of frosting between the two layers because when you cut it it's easy for the two to pull apart.

  3. I saw in a episode of Unwrap _ Food Network you have to put 3 1/2 cups of batter in the botton and 2 1/2 cups in the top. That may solve problem of having to trim it. Is the box cake batter think enough?


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