Friday, October 15, 2010

Philly Favors

I love to make favors, for parties or as little gifts, surprises, or tokens etc. I just need an excuse and I am ready. So when my hubby started talking about the meeting he is hosting in Philadelphia and needing something to welcome each person attending, my mind smiled.

I decided to make candy bar sleeves, and picked Hershey bars in honor of Pennsylvania and went patriotic, Liberty Bell with my decor.

The great thing about these sleeves is when you pull the knotted ribbon, your candy bar slips right out. Super easy, super cute, and there are endless ways to decorate them.

My hubby also wrote a short welcome letter that I printed on parchment paper and wrapped around each candy bar before inserting them into the sleeve. I added some extra "Thank You" sleeves for him to give out, because when you host a big event you always feel grateful for any help you receive.

I had so much fun making these!! I plan to make them for Halloween as well as favors for my son's teachers and friends.

I found a wonderful blog You Can Stamp It! that has a great tutorial for making candy bar can find it HERE. What can I say, I'm too lazy to type the directions out myself ;) forgive me :) please :)

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