Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sweet Fall Owl Wreath

My Mom sent me a link a few weeks back of an owl wreath she saw on the web. She knew I would love it, and she was right!! I saved a copy of the picture because I was soooo inspired to make my own. This is the inspiration wreath:

Look at that adorable owl!!
I cannot find the website it came from, my Mom thinks it was but I have been over that site with no luck. I thought it was from, no luck there either. Well, it's out there somewhere...sorry I can tell you where.
I hunted at Michael's for a sweet little owl, not much to choose from. But I found one I liked enough so off I went!
Here is my wreath:

Now for a closeup of my sweet little owl.

I love looking at this wreath everyday, sure makes me smile!


  1. Okay...
    Clever and beautiful!

    Fabulous wreath!

  2. Oh my goodness i HAVE to make one next x-mas for my door! Sooo cute! Thanks for the idea :)


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