Thursday, May 29, 2008

Betty Davis Eyes......

Yikes, where have I been?? I am doing a Poppet swap on Craftster right now and I am having soooo much fun with it. The Poppet pattern was created by a craftster named ghilie and it has taken off!!! Here is a link if interested:

I would highly recommend making a Poppet, especially if you are new to doll making. Really easy way to give it a try. If you are experienced in doll making it's a BREEZE! So here is my girl's head I am loving her blue glass eyes. I have never done eyes like this, I usually use safety eyes. Sorry about her head being stuck on a wine bottle, it was late and fit perfectly! And a shot of the body parts, poor baby.

Then while I was making these adorable sun dresses, I had to make one for my original kitty Poppet, little Sylvie Sparkles. Love her! Here is the link for the sundress pattern, super easy and could be modified to fit any size doll.

My swap Poppet now has hair and arms and legs attached, so once she is completely done I'll post some more pics.

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