Thursday, August 14, 2008

Swapping again....

Okay, I have been signing up for a couple of swaps again on Crafster. The first one is another Blythe swap, these are my girls my partner will be making things for. They are Willow and Noelle. I really like this picture of them.

My partner in this swap wants a bed and bedding for her Blythe and I am all over that!! Already have the plan and bought something made for another type of doll, very well known whose name also starts with "B" that I will be modifying. I think it will be perfect once I make some changes.

Then next swap is a pin cushion swap, this one will be short and sweet. I love pin cushions and have done this swap in the past and it was fun! My partner for this swap seems really sweet, she has a great blog too. Oh, I just won a hedgehog pin cushion on goody-goody's blog, can't wait till he arrives!

My Dotee Doll swap is winding down, mail outs are tomorrow. I will post a picture of the group before I mail them. I have also been binge sewing purses and am almost done. Once my Mom receives her birthday package I will add some pictures of the 5 purses I have been working on. I love them!

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  1. I can't wait to see what you make for this one! I'm also anxious to see what's in store for your pincushion!


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