Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Min Pin Pin Cushion

If you happen to be my partner in the Pin Cushion Swap on Craftster LOOK AWAY NOW!! Okay, that was fair warning. If you are not my partner, have a peek at my Min Pin Pin Cushion. My partner has an adorable min pin and you know how much I love making miniature dogs, so she thought a min pin pin cushion would be great. But you know, once I was done, I didn't really want to stick pins in her! So I made her a bandanna and that is actually what the pins stick in, makes me feel better. =) She's about 7 inches tall at the tip of her ears and very sassy.

Then I made a doggie bone needle book to go with her. I added some rhinestones and did a blanket stitch in pink floss around all the edges. It's funny, but before I can blanket stitch anything, I always have to look up in my little stitchery book to remind myself how to blanket stitch. I CAN NEVER REMEMBER HOW. What is that about???

Well, here she is!!! Hopefully she'll love it.


  1. What an adorable pincushion! Great work!

  2. Care,
    You are really good. She has quite a nose on her!!!.


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