Friday, August 29, 2008

Blythe Goodies

I finished my items for the Get Crafty for my Blythe Swap. So if you are my partner, NO PEEKING! First I made 2 sweaters from toddler socks. One Hello Kitty and one in Halloween colors. I made some necklaces to go with the Halloween one, but forgot to photograph them. =( I love to make doll sweaters from socks, really simple and they look great on. I had some tiny iron-on glitter stars so I added them to the Halloween sweater.

Then my partner had requested some bedding, so I made her one of my envelope style sleeping bag and pillow set. I found this really cute skully and heart fabric and I really love how it turned out. I think I need to get some more of that fabric! Cute.
The swap package is on it's way to Alaska, how exciting and adventurous. I guess even though I don't really get to travel, at least some of my crafted items do! LOL


  1. They are absolutely adorable! I'm going to have to remember socks for clothes! BTW, I was at Target the other day and found lots of Hello Kitty items in their $1 section.

  2. I bought the Hello Kitty socks in the picture at Target last year...I think I'll head to Target this weekend =)

  3. Care,
    The sweaters are really cute!!! These Alaska blythe girls are really going to appreciate them.
    Sweetie xoxo

  4. What lovely creations! Your Blythe swap partner is gonna love your stuff!


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