Monday, October 27, 2008

Treats and Tricks....

I thought I was done with Halloween treats, but I forgot about all of the goodies Hubby has to deliver for work. So that is what I spent the morning doing, and got them all ready for delivery today.

Now, other than trick or treating I think I am done, YAY!

On a horrifying note....tonight while putting on my Fave Blythe Ashlette Fiona's new outfit and boots, I BROKE HER KNEE!!!! I could not believe I did it!! I almost wanted to cry, yes a grown woman wanting to cry over a doll...but honestly I am very careful, and hardly even put any pressure on her leg. =( so I am sad and she is mad

I seriously question the Takara quality. If I was buying for a young girl I would buy an Ashton Drake over a Takara, NO DOUBT. Sorry Takara, just venting but I do love my Ashlette the most of all my dolls and feel horrible...Poor Fiona.

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