Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hey Cookie!

While my G.G. was visiting we tried out a recipe for BIG 5 inch Chocolate Chip Cookies. I love BIG cookies, especially for gift giving and thought they would be great to give the teachers for Valentine's. A BIG wrapped cookie is a great treat, but every time I've tried to bake them before, I haven't been happy with them. I am a cookie snob I guess, I like the cookies I bake to look perfect. =)
I followed the recipe you can find HERE minus the sea salt and they turned out PERFECT and BIG! They baked evenly and when done were lovely round thick cookies. The recipe made 18 cookies, and I plan to bake them again for Valentine's gifts. Give them a try, but make sure you give yourself 24 hours for the dough to chill. You won't be disappointed!

A blog I follow Lola..Again posted a cookie quiz so I took the quiz too! Here is my result;

I love fortune cookies, so I think it's a good match for me! =) Although I'm not sure I would consider myself mysterious...but maybe I should!


  1. Fortune cookies are always fun. They're one of my fave's just because you never know what they're going to say!

  2. I love big cookies too! Great idea for a teacher gift!


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