Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yay I'm famous! Ok, not at all...

I am a member of Craftster and LOVE Craftster, do all kinds of swaps on it etc. I do periodically post completed projects and visit the site a lot. It is a great online community and I HIGHLY recommend joining it. Well, anyway, I was looking at their "Best of 2008" and under "Most Popular Swaps" category was the Chunky Book Page Swap I participated in. And I noticed that 2 of my chunky pages are featured in the photo. YAY!!! Mine are the ones in the upper left and lower right corner.

I recognized the LOVE one right away, but it took me a while to recognize the BLESSED one. If you ever have a chance to do a chunky page swap DO IT! So, fun =)
The Link to Craftster's "Best of 2008" is HERE

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