Saturday, February 7, 2009

Charmed...I'm sure =)

My charms are done! First I made 2 sets of 7 Blythe themed charms for the Arte-du-Blythe charm swap. We have 7 people swapping so our bracelets will have 14 beautiful, different charms total. Can't wait to see the finished bracelet. Here are the sets I made:

And my lovely Fiona modelling the charms:

Then, my cupcake charms for the Craftster swap. I think I had as much fun making the cupcake cards as I did the charms.

We have 12 people in this swap, so the in the end we will have a nice chunky bracelet. I actually found the bracelet I'll use for these charms today at Michael's, big silver links with a really pretty "C" initial charm hanging in the middle. I'll post both bracelets when they are done.
I love charm bracelets...anyone else out there collect charms???


  1. I really like those cupcake charms! I wish I knew how to make jewelry now!

  2. i love these cards with the charm on
    Its really cute!

  3. Those cupcake charms are adorable! And the presentation can't be beat. I am always stunned by your ability with paper crafts. You manage trendy and unique at the same time, which is a hard line to walk.

  4. Ooo I'm part of the Blythe swap too and your charms are awesome!!!

    Sandy :)


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