Monday, February 2, 2009

"FLY" little blue bird

I decided VERY last minute to submit an entry into the Craftster Paper Crafts Challenge: "Chinese Menu". The premise was to recycle common items into whatever you wished. These were the guidelines as posted in Craftster:
"Your project can be anything, but you must incorporate one item from Column A and two items from Column B in your project.

Column A (Choose one)
take out menu
junk mail
old postcard

Column B (Choose two)
magazine or catalog
phone book
childrens' book
sheet music
advertisement flyer
brown paper bag

So I rummaged in my recycling bin and found an ad flyer with a great colors and a map on it, a paper shopping bag from the Biltmore, and newspaper. I had sheet music, and used a 5x5 canvas I got for Christmas.

This was my finished piece:

I'm so glad I decided to do this challenge, even if I don't win, because I really like my little bird! =) And I never would have sat down to make this if it wasn't for the challenge.
If you are interested, go check out and the entries HERE
I think you may have to be a member of Craftster to vote in the challenge, but "FLY" on over anyway ;) and I'd be very grateful if you cast a vote for little blue bird xo


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