Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Good Luck!

You know I always need good luck so it's fitting that this is the St. Pat's card I made for this year. My husband always says I'd have no luck if it wasn't for my bad luck. :-) Oh well....

I used only things purchased at Micheal's, in fact that Good Luck stamp is from their dollar bin! I am trying to be hired as an instructor at Michael's and anything I teach has to use items from Michael's so that was my challenge to myself.

This style card is called a windshield wiper card, because when you pull it, whatever you put on the inside swings up kind of like a wiper blade. So, I added a shamrock inside and then made it sparkly.

If you'd like directions for how to make it you can check out this:

Super easy and cute!

I've finished all my challenges for my scrappy gal club so I'll post those tomorrow when I can take photos in the sunlight.

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