Monday, March 31, 2008

Daisy the Dollar Store Challenge

The picture above left is my new dolly Daisy. I made her for the Craftster Dollar Store Challenge. You could spend $10 at a dollar store on supplies to make something fabulous. Violet was made with the items above. However, I did not use the white monkey anklets (gave them to BFF's daughter) and used a bag of cotton balls not in the picture for the stuffing. I must admit I LOVE her!! I have always wanted to make a Waldorf doll, and although I used nothing within the realm of traditional supplies (Dollar Tree just doesn't have them! LOL) she turned out pretty darn perfect.

I still plan to make her some shoes and have a flower for her hair. I plan to take more pictures of her tomorrow and then will post her in the contest. If you are a friend of Craftster check out the entries at they will post from April 1-5 and vote for Daisy, if ya like her! Keep your fingers crossed for me! :-D xoxo


  1. That is amazing!!!!! I can't believe you made her from all those items - I have no doubt you're going to win this challenge.

  2. I would love to make this for my daughter. What did you use for each part - would you be willing to say how you made her? I think you used the tights for her body and face, but what did you use the trouser socks for? How did you cut the onesie and make the cute shoes? Also, how did you cut the socks to make her socks and undies? Please help! I cannot afford the traditional way and I am a fairly novice sewer.


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