Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Scrappy Gal Tote

This tote was a test...A while ago (don't remember exactly) I decided to enter a bag in the Amy Butler Sew Inspiring Contest. So I bid on fabrics from Ebay and while waiting for them to arrive I made my design for a scrapbooking tote. I am in a couple of scrapping clubs etc and wanted a tote that could handle all my supplies. So once the fabrics were here I got busy. This was an intensive design, the 10 exterior pockets are all lined and pleated so they are expandable. After the exterior was done, I told my friend that this bag "kicked my booty!" I got all the other pieces ready and then took a break from it. A LOOONNNGGG break.

Well, last night at dinner I remembered the deadline for the contest was midnight last night! ACK! I locked myself in the sewing room and finished the bag by 10:00 pm. I came out to press it and decided to make a yo-yo and button flower to put on the front of it. I sat down on the couch to make the yo-yos and watch Numb3rs. Next thing I realized it was 12:30 AM! I had fallen asleep!!!! Totally defeated I turned off the computer and tv to head for bed. But then I remembered, Amy Butler doesn't live on the East Coast like I do. I checked on Flickr and the deadline was midnight but PST not EST!! YAY!!! So I hustled to finish and photograph and post on Flickr. I was the last entry.

There are 396 entries I think and MANY are really awesome, so my chances are pretty slim. But, at least I have a great tote I will put to good use and I have a funny story. Heck, I'm the girl that fell asleep during the SAT's, my Mom had to remind me about that....Goodnight xoxo


  1. I love the way it turned out - and I like the design of the bag too! I'm so glad you made it in time to enter... Good Luck!!

  2. What a fantastic bag! I love the fabrics and the design... best of luck in the contest!


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