Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yikes...where have I been?

Okay I guess this should be an update post...
Teacher week ended on Friday, but I did give 2 more gifts that I neglected to post.
Day #4:
A Cupcake fabric bucket filled with dry erase markers. Dry erase markers are always needed by our teachers and I thought she could use the bucket to hold them, or to hold whatever she wishes!

Day #5:
Then for Friday, I made her some Georgia Bulldog pillowcases.

I found this cute pink Georgia fabric, and knew she had to have it because she is such a huge Georgia fan. I wasn't sure if I should make a bag with it, because it is so baby pink. I was asking aloud what to make....and my hubby answered very matter of fact.."pillowcases". He's so smart! I must be rubbing off on him HAHAHA

These pillowcases make such great gifts, my Mom got me hooked on them a couple of years ago. I found a good tutorial for you all if you'd like to give them a try. You can find it HERE

And last but definitely not least...I received my stuffie from the Craftster Swap. This totally adorable owl. I love the fact it's so colorful and I love all the details she added!

Owls are a fave of mine, and I love all the owly variety out there in the crafty world...every owl I see out there is so different from the next!


  1. Your buckets are great and you scored an adorable softie! BTW, I can't believe you saw some Gwen dolls for $5-yikes!

    Have a great week!
    Sandy xox

  2. You are so good to your son's teachers. My mom is a teacher and I'm sure she would love to have your son as a student, even if its just for your goodies! (I know I would!)


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