Monday, May 4, 2009

Garden Beauty and Teacher Week!

Well my favorite flower is blooming beautifully in my yard....HYDRANGEAS! =) I love 'em!

I'm not the only one that appreciates their beauty, check this little guy out:

If I was a lizard, I think I'd lounge on hydrangeas too!
And if I had money to burn...I'd buy myself this Dooney & Bourke Hydrangea tote...GORGEOUS!!! Oh well...a girl can dream.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at my son's school, which is fun for me because I get to make lots of cutesy things for my son's teachers. I figured chocolate is always useful on a Monday, so we got jumbo Hershey bars and I wrapped them in beautiful scrapbook papers and decorated them with pretty flowers and cut little tags.

My son wrote a little note on the back too. Tomorrow's gift is a come back and have a peek!


  1. I love hydrangeas!! too bad they won't grow in least not very well! sigh

  2. I really need to just plant a TON of hydrangeas in my front yard. I adore them too! (They grow so finicky here in the foothills, though.)


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