Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Teacher Week day #2....
My son and I planted a cute pink plant in a pot we hand painted to look like a cupcake paper liner and then added a little cherry on top.

The cherry is made by adding a wood bead to the end of a wood dowel. I made a cupcake tag just to give a little hint it's supposed to be a "cupcake" =) then my son wrote a cute note on the back of the tag.

I got this idea from Nikki at Whimsy Love. She used way bigger cherry beads, which I like better...but I was trying to be a good girl and use up beads I had on hand. Next time, I will use the bigger beads too! =)

When we took it to school this morning, all the kids said, "Hey there's a cherry on top!" Made me smile.


  1. Yay! thanks, coming from the designer I take that as a major compliment! And thanks for sharing that tutorial =) you rock!


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