Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beware! Creepiness ahead!

After my last post about cute, sweet Fiona this post is a major about face. I have completed my first doll for the Craftster Creepy Doll Swap. This one is titled "White Wedding" and basically she is a zombie bride. Poor girl.

I think she turned out great. She started as a doll head on a wire and was very perky with pretty long brunette hair....and then I got a hold of her. I sewed a body and added the forearms that came with the head, weird. She doesn't have legs just a ghost like dress. She is only about 5 inches tall so she's mini creepy. I have completed all the heads for this series of dolls, 5 total, all very different but very creepy. I have been surprised at how easily it is for me to make these kind of dolls. I think of myself as more of a pink sugar cupcake kinda girl, I guess I have a dark side.....oooooooh....spooooky...

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