Monday, September 8, 2008

Dolly Day!!

I know I am a little old to be playing with dolls, but it's SOOOO FUN!! I got really brave today and did a lip redo on my Ashlette Blythe Fiona. I actually even carved Fiona's lips a little and then did a repaint and gloss!! I love the end result and am so relieved I didn't screw it up. Here is the result:

She actually looks like she is smiling a little now, and the lip color is so much better than her stock rose color, yuck. I did learn that the more color blending you do the better, and using an extremely small brush helps of course. Here is how her lips used to look:

Okay, now on to the creepy stuff. I am doing the Creepy Doll Swap on Craftster and have to make 5 creepy dolls. I decided to do some dolly recon for my projects. I bought some cute little dolly heads and arms and plan to creep them out and then sew them some soft little bodies and make clothes etc...I did my first doll head today. Here is a before and after:

I plan to give her ratty hair and tattered clothes etc. What do you think?? Does she look creepy enough?

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