Thursday, April 30, 2009

Little Cuppy Cake Bucket

Finally something to post! I have been under the weather since Saturday...really not sewing until today. But my sketchbook is now full of many new ideas and plans =)

One plan, was to make some little fabric buckets for some gifts I will be giving soon. My Mom gave me this adorable fabric, and I think they look great.

I added a little dollop of frosting with sprinkles and a strawberry on each one HAHA

I must confess tho- when I sketched and planned these out, I don't know what I was thinking with my measurements. When I sewed the first one up, it was not bucket shaped at all! More like ice tray shaped...yikes! I guess when I am not feeling well I need to stay away from numbers. Luckily my head was clear enough today to get it right!

Sorry about the weird camera and it's focus are dying a slow death...must get new camera...maybe for Mother's Day?? I want a pink one =)

I was proud of myself tonight..I added some new things to my Etsy! I added 3 of my Owlies to the shop. Maybe I'll put a couple of these buckets in there too. Oh...and my swap partner really liked her jellyfish, YAY!! Goodnight xo

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  1. OMG your cake buckets are giving me a cavity they are sooo sweet!!

    Sandy :)


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