Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No Way!

I was reading CraftApple's Blog yesterday and she had mentioned that she googled her blog name and found some interesting things...So of course, I tried it. Although technically I Yahooed, not Googled "Sew Very Carrie".

One thing I found was that my Waldorf inspired doll I made in the Craftster Dollar Store Challenge, was written up on Dollar Store Crafts. I was surprised and happy...because she looks so darn cute. They are my pictures, but I had kinda forgotten how great she turned out! =)

I know to many bloggers this is really not a big deal, but to little ole me...I felt famous for about 5 minutes! HAHAHA

Here she is!


  1. And this was like one of the best dollar store projects I've ever seen!! Good job!!


  2. You deserve to be featured! She is sooo cute!! Have a great weekend!

    Sandy xox

  3. Hi,
    I have a few more questions: how did you cut out her arms, legs, and torso, if you used only socks and nylons? Is there a Pattern that you used that I could use? also how big of a doll is she? thanks again,


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