Friday, April 17, 2009

Seeds Please

My hubby's company always does something nice for their clients in the spring and this year they had special Zinnia seed packets made for the reps to give out. My Hubs asked if I could do somehting with the packets to spice them up a little...oh yeah, no prob!!

So I headed to the Dollar Tree because I knew I had seen some colorful garden gloves there and sure enough I found what I needed. I had to laugh at the clerk, when he saw all the gloves I was buying he asked, "You planning to put a lot of people to work in your yard or something??"
I added a ribbon loop to the packets and then used a ribbon to tie a bow around the gloves and attached the packet in the bow.

But I think my favorite part are the little library clips I clipped to each seed packet.
I decorated the clips with paper flowers and an acrylic flower brad. Scrapbooking brads are perfect for this because the legs of the brads are very bendable and can wrap right around the hole in the top of the clip. All of the supplies for the clips were purchased at Michael's, and can be found in the scrapbooking section.

You know....this would be a perfect gift for Mother's day...decorate a cute little terracotta pot and have the gloves and seed packets nestled inside. Just thinkin' =)


  1. So cute! What awesome swag. Your hubby is lucky to have you around. ;-)
    And you're right, that is a good mother's day gift idea...

  2. So cute! I love the idea - perfect for Mother's Day.

  3. Hey girl! I love that pretty spring package you put together, and it would be a great Mother's Day gift!! BTW, which Blythe charm did you make? I had no clue you were also in the swap!!! Do you have Blythes as well?

    Sandy xox

  4. What a great idea and as you said perfect for Mothers Day .

  5. Those are fantastic, who wouldn't love getting one of those! Thanks for stopping by Nini Makes today


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